EMDA Needs Asssessment_TOR

Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council established the Ethiopian Muslims Development
Agency, EMDA, as its development wing in November 2000. EMDA was re-registered with
Charities and Societies Agency of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in 2009 with
registration # 0374 and recently on March 20, 2020, Re-registered with the registration number
0374 and licensed in accordance with the new FDRE Authority for Civil Society Organizations
(ACSO) proclamation as board lead local faith-based organization.
Currently EMDA initiated an all-out reform as a part of the comprehensive reform undertaking in
all institutions (establishments ) under the Ethiopian Islamic affairs supreme council jurisdictions,
therefore the newly established EMDA board of directors have unanimously decided to
undertake EMDA’s organizational capacity assessment that would enhance the reform process
and would also bring everything of EMDA IN a crystal clear scientific way and the outcome would
be used for the aforementioned purposes .
The objective of this consultancy is to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment to identify
and address the key areas requiring improvement within EMDA, focusing on its services,
organizational structure, and operational strategies and performance, and its systems.
Scope of Work:
The consultant’s tasks will include:

  1. Conducting a thorough analysis of the current services offered by EMDA, evaluating their
    effectiveness, reach, and impact on the target population.
  2. Assessing EMDA’s structure, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and providing
    recommendations for enhancements.
  3. Reviewing the internal operational processes and workflows to identify areas for efficiency
    improvement and resource optimization and mobilization capacity, financial status
  4. Engaging with stakeholders, including, main staff, and partnering entities, to gather feedback
    and perspectives on EMDA’s performance ( if it deems necessary)
    The consultant will be expected to produce the following deliverables:
  5. A comprehensive needs assessment report detailing findings, insights, and recommendations
    for improvement, including a detailed analysis of the current status across various facets of the
  6. An executive summary highlighting the key findings and actionable recommendations.
    The ideal consultant should have:
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting needs assessments for non-profit or CSOs
  • Expertise in organizational analysis, service evaluation, and stakeholder engagement.
  • Strong analytical and report-writing skills, with proficiency in presenting actionable
    recommendations for improvement.
    The entire consultancy is expected to be completed within may be 4 weeks including the delivery
    of the final report and presentation of key findings.

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