EIASC Masjid membership is for community members living in Washington State.

Article 5: Membership of the EIASC Constitution.

The guidelines are summarized below:

  • EIASC membership is open to all Muslims 18 years of age or above who subscribe to the objectives of EIASC set forth in Article 2.
  • The membership fee is a donation of $25 for families and $25 for individuals per year. BOD may waive membership fee for individuals or families facing hardship on a case-by-case basis.
  • Membership fee is optional if you have donated in excess of $50 (for individuals) or $100 (for families) over the last year and you can indicate this on the membership form.
  • Note: Family membership is defined as husband, wife and unmarried children living in the same household and who fulfill the membership requirements.  
  • EIASC general body membership is valid for 1 year and it must be renewed each year.
  • Only members in good standing (18+ years) with EIASC for at least six (6) months are eligible to nominate members to the BOD and vote for electing the nominees to the BOD.  Members with valid identification are eligible to vote and participate in general body.
  • All eligible members must be current residents of the state of Washington.
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